Brain and Spinal Cord Injury.

Head and spinal cord injuries can have profound effects on one’s life.

A head injury is damage to the brain due to a concussion, skull fracture, or bleeding in the skull and can be defined as mild to severe. Even a mild brain injury—which can include loss of some abilities like multitasking, persistent headaches, and some memory lapses—can be debilitating. These types of injuries have nuances that require the interaction of liability experts like biomechanics' with medical professionals to be able to understand and demonstrate the extent of a person’s loss to a jury.

Spinal cord injuries involve damage or disruption to the spinal cord as a result of force or trauma. Some spinal cord injury patients regain mobility over time, while others remain restricted. Individuals who have suffered a brain and/or spinal cord injury benefit from attorneys who are experienced and knowledgeable in handling the complex issues that arise in these complicated cases. The Law Offices of Fritz Gray takes a holistic approach to these types of injuries and work closely with the patient's doctors, family, and other support systems to affect the best resolution possible.